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Police Force

Over the 5-year period (2006-2010) the number of security service provider is increasing except for the year 2008 where the total number decreased from 322 in 2007 to 312 in 2008 making a total decrease of 10 policemen.  In 2010, the total number of police personnel is 419  which has an increase of 24.58% or 103 compared to that in 2006 which is 316.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Among the 10 municipalities over the 5-year period, Nasipit has the most number of policemen in its force – 28 in 2006, 26 in 2007 and 30 in 2010.  RTR accounted for 25 policemen in 2008 and Carmen has 26 in 2009. The highest number in the City of Cabadbaran was in 2007 having 43 policemen. Male still dominates the police force.

Crime Statistics

A decrease in crime incidence by 19 is noted between 2006-2007 and it increased by 305 between 2009-2010, however, over the 5 year period, 2006-2010, crime incidence in the province registered a total  increase of 368 crimes. Data shows that in Agusan del Norte, the city of Cabadbaran has  the highest crime volume followed by the municipality of Buenavista, Nasipit, Santiago and RTR.

Firemen Population

In 2010, data shows that 116 firemen are serving the entire province. Based on Fireman to population ratio of 1 Fireman: 2,000 population, the ideal number of firemen is 256 with a shortage of 140 or 55%.

There is also a shortage of 52 fire trucks since the existing number of fire trucks serving the whole province is only 12.      

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