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Employment and Income

EMPLOYMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Table III-40 shows provincial employment which is divided into 3 major sectors: the Agri-Fishery & Forestry, the Industry Sector and the Services Sector.  The large sector in Services with its various sub-sectors has the highest share in total provincial employment at 42.54% employing 33,882.  The next sector is the Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry sharing 39.11% from the total provincial employment or 30,239 individuals employed.   The least contribution in provincial employment is the Industry Sector having 18.35% or 14,194 individuals employed.

The province has a total family income of 630,217.44 as shown in table III-41.  Because of the location of the The municipality of Buenavista has the highest contribution of 60.66% to the provincial agriculture fishery and forestry.