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Population Size and Density

The province of Agusan del Norte (excluding Butuan City) as of  August 1, 2007, has a total population of 309,338 which is 13.48% to that of Caraga Region and only 0.34% of the population of the Philippines. The number of households totalled to 60,655 with an average household size of 5.1.

Agusan del Norte has a density of 113.301 per sq. km.  Among the ten (10) municipalities, Magallanes  is the most densely populated while Las Nieves has the lowest  population density level. The city of Cabadbaran ranked 3rd densely populated area in the province. 

The city of Cabadbaran has the highest population share of 19.90%, the municipality of Buenavista ranked 2nd with 17.15%, 3rd is Nasipit with 12.31% and the lowest is RTR with only 4.84%.

Annual Population Growth Rate (APGR)

Average Population Growth Rate (APGR) for Agusan del Norte for the period 2000-2007 is 1.148%.

Of the ten (10) municipalities of the province, the top three municipalities which registered the highest growth rates are Las Nieves, Jabonga and RTR with 2.27%, 1.690% and 1.645% respectively. Carmen, on the other hand, registered the lowest growth rate with only 0.655%.

The city of Cabadbaran ranked 4th in growth rate with 1.622%.

Given the 1.148% growth rate, Agusan del Norte’s population increased by 38,240 between 2007-2017.  Among the three (3) municipalities with the highest growth rates, Las Nieves population increased by 6,361 over the eleven (11) year period.  This is followed by Jabonga with an increase of 4,206 and Nasipit with an increase of 3,506.

Expectedly, Carmen, which has the smallest growth rate only increased itspopulation overthe 11 year period by 1,222.

Data on mother tongue/ethnicity, religion and citizenship are based on percentage of the 2000 Census of Population and Housing.

Urban and Rural Population                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The province has a total of 167 barangays. Fifty eight (58) or 35% are urban barangays and 109 or 65% are considered rural barangays.  Urban population in 2007 is only 128,797 or 42% of the total population while rural population is 180,541 or 58% higher than the urban population by 16%.

The highest concentration of urban population is in the city of Cabadbaran with 26,016 or 20% while the lowest is in Las Nieves with only 1,242 or 0.96%.

The city of Cabadbaran still ranks first in terms of rural population with 35,548 or 19.68% followed by Buenavista with 28,543 or 15.81% and the lowest concentration of rural population is in Magallanes with 3,982 or 2.20%.

In  terms of total population, the city of Cabadbaran still ranks the first with 61,564 or 19.90%, 2nd is Buenavista with 53,059 or 17.15% and 3rd is Nasipit with 38,096 or 12.31%.  

Single-Age Classification By Sex

Based on the 2007 CBMS Survey, male population is higher by  2.66% compared to that of the female population.