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All barangays in the province are served by power facilities and completely energized but some far flung sitios of the barangays are not yet energized. This gap has been addressed by rural electrification program and still on going to cover other remote areas not yet served. The program has served 96.75% (64,281 households) of the projected number of household served. Cabadbaran and RTR had served more than 100% of its projected number of household served.

Since 2006, residential energy consumption in KWH has been consistently increasing from 36.44% to 42.30 in 2009. Industrial has the highest energy consumption of 53.50 in 2006 but it gradually decrease in 3 years at an average of 2.3%. The decrease might be an effect of wood based industries located in Magallanes slowing down production due to scarcity of raw materials.

Ranking third in the percentage distribution of energy consumption by type of consumer is in commercial but at only 6% energy consumption which is way too low at 47.5% difference in comparison with industrial consumption, the rest are Public Buildings and Facilities, Street Lights and BAPA at 3%, 0.4% and 0.31% respectively.

Despite its being a small town in terms of land area, the municipality of Magallanes has the highest energy consumption at 33.08% followed by Cabadbaran and Buenavista at 19.60.

In comparison with the 2006 and 2009 energy consumption, all municipalities has increased its energy consumption except for Magallanes which decreased by 24%.

altagusan del norte socio-eco chapter 5altagusan del norte socio-eco chapter 5agusan del norte socio-eco chapter 5