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Food Self-Sufficiency Assessment

Food Self-Sufficiency

Food Self-Sufficiency refers to the policy objective of meeting the food requirements through intensive local food production in a sustainable manner based on the area’s existing and potential resource endowments and related production advantages.

It is reflected in Table IV-18 that Agusan del Norte including Butuan City, has a self-sufficiency level in the following commodities, to wit: mango - 93.30%, leguminous vegetable – 44.63%, dressed chicken -  32.85%, cassava – 26.58%, banana – 20.68% and rice – 17.59%.  The province  has  a  very high deficit in fish – 96.35%, beef/carabeef – 42.24%, rootcrops (camote) – 31.51%, pork – 24.78% and corn – 8.34%.