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Agricultural Crops

Major  Crops

Major agricultural crops in Agusan del Norte are rice, corn, coconut, abaca, banana and mango.   

The province also produces cassava, durian, pineapple, coffee, vegetables and root crops. The three highest producing crops are coconut, banana and rice with corresponding production of 75,184.35 MT, 43,924.92 MT and 26,151.81 MT, respectively.

The biggest area planted with coconut is the city of Cabadbaran with 6,908.00 hectares or 18.46% of the total area planted, Jabonga with 6,764.43 hectares  or 18%, Buenavista with 5,257.12 has. or 14% while the smallest area planted with coconut is Magallanes with 642.42 has. or 1.8%

Total area planted with banana is 7,207.50 hectares. The municipality of RTR in terms of production is the highest with 15,683.49 MT, second is the municipality of Santiago with 6,280.50 MT and third is Buenavista with 4,418.12 MT. The least banana producing municipality is Magallanes with a total production of 129.00 MT.

Rice is considered as the third major crop in the province and has a total area of 6,393.75 hectares with a total production of 23,492.53 MT.

Total  irrigated area is 4,667.75 hectares or 73% while non-irrigated area is only 1,726.00 or 27%.

Mango production totaled to 26,151.81 MT.  The highest mango producing municipality is Carmen having a production of 15,630.56 MT or 60%. Area planted with mango in the province is 3,401.10 heactares.

Abaca, being one of the major crops in the province produces 7,914.75 MT with an area of 3,362.25 hectares.

Corn is also a major crop with a total area planted of 3,041.00 hectares and its production is 9,053.85 metric tons.        

Other agricultural crops are  cassava, durian, pineapple, coffee, vegetables and root crops. It  has a total production of 19,417.94 MT with 3,555.45 hectares area planted.  Cassava has the highest production of 8,837.00 metric tons with an area of 433.25 hectares while coffee has the lowest production of only 82.77 metric tons but has an area of 1,632.00 hectares which is higher than the area planted with cassava.