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Gov. Corvera bares strategic plans for CY 2019-2022
In his first day of office, Provincial Governor Dale B. Corvera laid down his 'Strategic Action Plans and Programs of the Provincial Government for CY 2019-2022,' on July 1, 2019 in the Capitol.
During the conduct of the Local Governance Transition Ceremony on the same day, Gov. Corvera laid down his plans and programs for the development of the province of Agusan del Norte that he planned to accomplish during his term for three years.
Included in his action plans and programs were the folowing:
1. Ensure the retention of all employees.
2. Continue building up the foundations of growth and continue to create conditions wherein the basic social needs to everyone for food, health adn wellness, clothing, shelter, education, peace, security, justice and leisure are satisfied while improving the systems of governance.
3. Pro-active officials and employees, not only reactionary, as an important partner in the realization of the vision of the province.
4. Strengthen the province's financial build to raise the classification of the province from 3rd class to 2nd class or even 1st class and raise the standard of living of the people, as well as reduce the dependency on the Internal Revenue in Allotment or IRA.
5. Massive organizing of farmer groups in the province for effective financial support to farmer groups rather than individuals.
6. Transformation of the demo farm in Los Angeles in the City of Butuan to become a rich souce of technology and learnings for the farmers to earn more income for their families.
7. Creation of Investment Promotion Office to have a clear direction on how to promote the province to the investors and create jobs and opportunities.
8. Creation of Provincial Tourism Office to have a unified approach on the development of tourism potential in the province and drastic changes shouldbe done in the way the hospitals are being run.
9. Straighten up the data base system and assess the usefulness of regularizing the Community Based Management System or CBMS and engage partners more - the local government units, national government agencies, civil society organizations and sectoral groups to open up the planning and public delivery system to wider public paricipation in planning and implementation.
10. Re-engineer the provincial set-up including the appointment of a full-time Provincial Administrator and the filling-up of vacant positions, especially department heads to sufficiently cover other service areas and for more efficiency in the delivery of services.
11. Utilization of the new Capitol building in Sanghan that is already overdue.
Gov. Corvera said that he has known as a hands-on mayor and now starting to become a hands-on governor. He added that "all the programs that we will undertake are directed towards the realization of development vision that we have under the administration of then Gov. Angel Amante-Matba."