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Agusan del Norte is an agriculture-based province. In terms of gross domestic product, agriculture and fishery ranked number one with a 45.61% followed by service sector and industry sector. However, the province has still a lot of improvement to do to attain vibrant and prosperous local economy. The agricultural development of the province is still at its transitory period with an existing productivity of only Php 26,244.00 per hectare, a shortfall of Php 33,776 per hectare, thus denying processing and manufacturing input requirement. Contributing to this effect is the poor farm to market road with a density of only 0.47 km./sq. km. a deficit of 0.53km./sq. km. or a deficiency of 1,448.05 kilometers.

The province is endowed with natural resources, which at the moment are still untapped and undeveloped. Exploration of mineral resources and development of province tourism destinations to a competitive level is a great help to the provincial economy.


(source: executive-legislative agenda CY 2011-2013)